Marketing Your Art the Right Way

Selling Art, Not Selling Out

Marketing Your Art the Right Way with Kevin Chung


Kevin Chung

Marketing Your Art the Right Way will show you how to sell your art online without selling out.

My name is Kevin Chung and I will be bringing all my knowledge about design, marketing, and psychology to help grow your art business. I’ve been a graphic designerweb designer and web developer since 2008 . I’ve also had  a design blog since 2010. It’s been quite the journey for me and I hope to help you on your own journey too.

I am also the host of the Cracking Creativity Podcast. A show where I talk to people from all different walks of life about their creative projects and businesses. The podcast helps show you that there isn’t a one size fits all answer to life.

“Kevin is filled with gems of information! As a newcomer to the marketing and web design for my artwork, I reached out to him for tips on increasing my online traffic. His sound advice from website ideas to social media pointers were exactly what I needed to get on track.  Kevin has a “can do” motivational approach. This also prevails in his dynamic weekly emails and podcast interviews.” – Anna 


My goal is to teach you:

  • How to make yourself stand out in the extremely crowded art marketplace
  • How to ignore the oohs and aahs and find people who will buy your art
  • How to make time for your art and streamline your work
  • How to turn from a starving to successful artist

“I had been thinking of breaking out of my shell and wondering how one gets started in marketing their art. Kevin Chung’s free e-book, “How to be a Successful Artist” and the handy checklist, “Finding Your Audience Checklist Worksheet,” gave me the answers. They’re very informative and an eye-opener. I highly recommend them. I feel very grateful and blessed to have discovered his site.” – Melisa

If you are sick of people complimenting your art without buying it or trying every marketing tactic without any results, you are in the right place. I want to help you grow your audience, create strong lasting relationships with your customers, all while making money and having fun while doing it.

“I had a problem of organizing my website. I loved everything I had but didn’t know what was needed and what needed to go. Kevin helped me go through each section. I was so relieved and excited for the changes that I didn’t know could happen for my website. I love it now and its great and easy access for me and viewers alike.” – Love Art Wonders

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