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Art Marketing Online – How To Go From Discovering Your Audience to Building a Passionate Fan Base

This is a long article. If you want to read a summary of what is covered in it, you can jump to and read the conclusion.

One of the most commonly asked questions artists ask is “How can I market and sell my art online?” While it can be very beneficial to sell your art online, it is also a lot of work. There is no magic bullet for selling your work online.

Everyone wants a shortcut. We see other people doing the things we want to do and assume they got there overnight. We want success, but are we willing to put in the work?

You are different. You are here because you want to learn exactly what it takes to build an audience. You are willing to put in the work. You want to build a business around your art.

In order to sell your art online, you must first build an audience. Click To Tweet

In order to sell your art online, you must first build an audience. You might think this is common sense, but many artists overlook this basic fact. If you want to sell your art online and build a lasting business from it, there are some very important things you must do.

This guide is intended to teach you some of these essential elements. It will help you turn your art from a hobby into a business. It will cover everything from finding your audience to building a passionate group of fans. So, let’s get started.

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Mistakes Artists Make: The Do’s & Don’ts of an Art Website

So you’ve decided to create a website for your art. If you still need convincing, read “Should I build a website for my art?” Yes, and I’ll Tell You Why. You might be asking yourself “What the heck am I supposed to put on it?” or “Where do I even begin?”
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“Should I Build a Website for My Art?” Yes, and I’ll Tell You Why

Main Photo by Kwintin

Do you need help deciding whether or not you need a website for you art? If you’ve been on the fence, here are some compelling reasons for creating a website of your own.
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