Marketing Your Art the Right Way

Selling Art, Not Selling Out

Welcome to Marketing Your Art the Right Way

I’m glad you can join me on this journey to sell your art online. I’ve made it my goal to help as many artists as possible sell their art and build strong relationships with their customers. You may be asking yourself why you should listen to me.

Are you tired of asking yourself any of these questions:

  • Why can’t I wrap my head around this marketing thing?
  • How do I stand out when there are thousands upon thousands of other artists?
  • Why don’t the people who ooh and aah at my art buy anything?
  • How can I sell my art without selling out?
  • How do I make more time for my art?
  • How do I get more inspiration for my art?

Then this site is the perfect place for you. I’ve studied marketing and design for a while, and now I want to use my knowledge to help promote something I care about: art.

To get started, read my article on Why You Shouldn’t Market Your Art to a Large Audience and Why You Should Build a Website for Your Art.

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