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Fear is a Liar Quote Art

“Fear is a Liar”

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This is quote and writing comes courtesy of one my readers Diana Casabar who is a Contemporary Jewelry Metalsmith.

Fear is a LIAR. What about this quote speaks to me?

Hmmm ~ It speaks to every aspect of my life and helps me to keep kind and loving thoughts of Myself in my mind.

I say it to keep me from not comparing my work to others and feeling inadequate.

I think of it when I see a call to artists and I don’t feel brave enough to submit my work for those juried exhibitions or galleries.

I say it when I’m shy about contacting old clients to let them know I have new work.

I think of it every season so I can design AND create a new line.

I say it while I’m trying desperately to bring my art to the next level.

I think of it when I’m sketching a piece, and fall off the path of my chosen brand.

I say it when I’m trying to figure out a new way to market my work.

I think of it when I peruse magazines and see other’s work, but not mine.

It speaks to my personal life too, helps me balance my family, my sport and my work.

I’m training right now to test for my third degree black belt in Taekwondo. It’s a two day test in November. It’s very strenuous. There are lots of younger kids. I’m 54 years old, with two kids and I hammer metal all day. There are a lot of days when my lungs, muscles and brain sing for attention. I think of it when they’re are singing, just to get through the workouts.

I think of it when I’m lost on a hiking trail.

I think of it when the husband is away on a trip.

I think of it when I have to clean the house, get the boy to school, let the contractor in to fix the air conditioner, mail a package, go to the grocery store ANNNNNNDDDD hammer 5 new pairs of earrings and two pendants.

Fear is a LIAR. I can do this.


Thanks Diana for the wonderful words of inspiration and encouragement. If you have a favorite quote of your own, don’t be afraid to share it with me!

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