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Cracking Creativity Episode 25: Jennifer Palmer on the Power of a Single Event, Being the Subject of a Documentary, and the Power of Technology

Jennifer Palmer is the subject of the upcoming documentary on synchronicity: Time is Art. She is also a writer and the co-founder of SyncChast, a platform that connects people with thought leaders, artists, and pioneers for change. In this episode, Jennifer talked about how her aunt’s death changed her life, what it was like being the subject of a documentary, and how technology is a powerful tool for connecting people.

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Cracking Creativity Episode 12: Maia Monasterios on the Time is Art Documentary, Synchronicity, and Being a Passionate Creative

Maia Monasterios has been making documentary films for over twelve years. She has worked for companies ranging from National Geographic to MTV, but had the desire to do her own independent work. Her latest project is an independent documentary film titled Time is Art, where she is working with the creative collective Things are Changing. They are raising funds for the film until August 2, 2015 on IndieGogo.

The film is about a writer’s spiritual and creative awakening through synchronicity as the gateway. Originally, the story wasn’t going to be about one person. It was going to be a set of interviews on the subject of synchronicity. That is, until they interviewed Jennifer Palmer and heard her story.

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