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Marketing: A Love Story by Bernadette Jiwa Book Review & Highlights

Marketing: A Love Story

Bernadette Jiwa | ISBN: 1500619213 & 978-1500619213 | Rating: 9/10

Marketing: A Love Story Summary

Bernadette Jiwa is brand story strategist, speaker and author of four #1 Amazon Bestsellers Difference, Marketing: A Love Story, The Fortune Cookie Principle, and Make Your Idea Matter. Her blog was voted Best Australian Business Blog in 2012 and was named one of Australia’s 20 Best Business Blogs in 2014. She also spoke about the secret to spreading ideas at TEDxPerth.

In this review I’ll talk about her wonderful book Marketing: A Love Story. In it Bernadette talks about how we make our ideas resonate. She redefines marketing and shows you how our ideas can translate into value. She shows you how to bridge the gap between your work and what your customers really want. And she does it all in just 110 pages!

The book is split into three sections: strategy, context, and story. Each section has easily digestable chapters that help build your understanding of marketing. It is a must read for anyone who is having trouble connecting with their audience or customers.

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The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday Book Review & Highlights

The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday  |  ISBN: 1591846358  |  Finished: 7/2014  |  Rating: 9/10

The Obstacle is the Way Summary

Ryan Holiday is one of those people you read about and can’t help but admire. He dropped out of college to work with Robert Greene and has advised some extremely successful authors including Tim Ferriss and Tucker Max. He also served as the director of marketing for American Apparel. He owes much of his success to the ideas and lessons he learned from stoicism.

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Choose Yourself! by James Altucher Book Review & Highlights

Choose Yourself!

James Altucher, Dick Costolo ISBN: 1490313370 | Finished: 7/2014 | Rating: 9/10

Choose Yourself! Summary

I want to thank Derek Sivers for this idea of sharing Kindle highlights for books I’ve read. The first in the series is James Altucher’s Choose Yourself!

This book is one of the easiest to read motivational/self-help books there is. James is an entrepreneur of numerous companies that have both failed and succeeded. He is also a best selling author and has two great radio shows in The James Altucher Show and Ask Altucher, which fit right in to his idea of Choosing Yourself.

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