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Kerry Burki on Listening to Your Younger Self, Learning to Say No, and Shifting Your Mindset – Cracking Creativity Episode 75

Kerry Burki had an idea simmering in her head ever since high school. She wanted to make all women feel beautiful. This idea sat in her head for years before she would finally unleash it.

Kerry’s story starts like a lot of our stories. We have a kernel of an idea that sits in our heads. Sometimes we act on it, but more often than not, we let it sit. Then, something pushes us to act on it. Kerry’s push came twenty years later in the form of her time in Marie Forleo’s B School.

Kerry was working on a blog called Handmade Success, which helps people sell their work on Etsy, when her kernel of an idea crept back in her head. The only difference was, this time, instead of pushing the idea away again, Kerry decided to pull the trigger.

She asked women of all different ages and sizes to come over for a photo shoot. And with the help of a photographer friend, she began the first shoot of what became Kerry Magazine. She was finally doing her part in making all women feel beautiful. What started off as a small idea in her head has evolved into a full-blown magazine with three issues under its belt.

In this episode, Kerry talks about letting your younger self guide you, learning to say no, and shifting your mindset, among many other things.

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Charlie Gilkey on Mindsets, Business for Creatives, and the Power of Art – Cracking Creativity Episode 42

Charlie Gilkey is is the creator of Productive Flourishing and the host of the Creative Giants podcast. He describes himself as the result of mashing up an entrepreneur, Army officer, and philosopher. In this episode, Charlie talks about mindsets, business, and the power of art.

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Cracking Creativity Episode 9: Crista Cloutier on The Working Artist, How to Build Relationships with Your Audience, and the Mindset Changes Necessary for Artists to Succeed

Crista Cloutier was a former art director at Segura Studio as well as the owner of her own art gallery. During her time there, she learned sales and how to build deep, lasting relationships with artists. She has now turned that knowledge into her own online art workshops as The Working Artist. In this episode, Crista shares an unbelievable amount of knowledge including how to build relationships with your audience, how she successfully funded her Indiegogo campaign, and the mindset changes necessary to succeed as an artist.

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You Can’t Use Up Creativity – Maya Angelou Quote Art

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou’s quote on creativity is a wonderful example of an abundance vs scarcity mindset. Too often, we go through life trying to preserve rather than create. We say things like “How can I cut costs to afford my next vacation?” instead of saying “What can I do to make some extra money to go on my next vacation?”

We have this same mindset when it comes to creativity. “I don’t why to use up all my good ideas.” “I’ll save that one for later.” We are taught to think of everything as a scarce resource. If you think this way when it comes to creativity, you will create very few good ideas.

Creativity is not something you should utilize once in a blue moon. Click To Tweet

Creativity is not something you should utilize once in a blue moon. It builds up like an avalanche. If you are constantly coming up with ideas, you will never run out. Instead of treating creativity like something that will diminish, think of it like something that can grow stronger the more you use it.

What are your thoughts on creativity? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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