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Dustin Main on Being Present, Storytelling, and the Power of Vulnerability – Cracking Creativity Episode 41

Dustin Main is one of the photographers behind Lightmoves Creative and the creator of Date an Adventurer. He is also an entrepreneur, adventure photographer, and documentary film maker. In this episode, Dustin talks about being present, using storytelling in his photography, and the power of vulnerability and being open.

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Cracking Creativity Episode 22: Brad Beckstrom on Owning His Own Agencies, Living Lean, and Finding Happiness in Photography

Brad Beckstrom has built a career in advertising, but has found happiness in living lean and his creative pursuits. On his blog The Frug, Brad talks about what it is like to live lean, work lean, and travel lean.  In this episode, Brad talks about what it was like going into advertising and owning his own agencies, how he began living lean, and his creative quest to take 100,000 photographs.

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