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Monica Kang on Thinking Like an Outsider, the Importance of Asking Questions, and the Power of Self-Awareness – Cracking Creativity Episode 62

Monica Kang knew early in life that she wanted to work in international affairs. Her upbringing in two countries compelled her to understand how people related to each other, and steered her towards her role working with the government.

Monica worked for years in international affairs, and even though she loved her job, she still felt something was lacking. She saw that people weren’t creatively fulfilled at their jobs and knew she wanted to help them. She knew she could fulfill that gap, so she started up InnovatorsBox.

In this episode learn why you should think link an outsider, the importance of asking questions, and how self-awareness can improve your problem solving.

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“The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them.” – Anton Chekhov Quote Art

“The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them.”
― Anton Chekhov

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Artists have a gift. With a single stroke of the brush, they can tell an entire story. They can make someone laugh or cry just by putting their pen to paper. Their music can bring joy or sadness.

So why do we celebrate when someone says they want to be a doctor or a lawyer, but feel sorry for them if they say they want to be an artist? There is a stigma around being an artist. They think we “sit around all day and paint pretty pictures.” They think we will starve while trying to find success. There is no room for these thoughts.

By asking questions, we create conversations Click To Tweet

By asking questions, we create conversations. We make people think about themselves and their place in the world.

Asking questions also opens people up to new possibilities. Books and movies are not only great entertainment, but they also shape our future. How much of the technology we have today was inspired by a great artist’s mind?

Artists have the ability to change the world Click To Tweet

Artists have the ability to change the world. We can change a person’s mind without saying a thing. It is time we show people what it means to be an artist.

We must show people how our work inspires movements, how it can lift you up when you are down, how it asks questions about ourselves.

Here are some ways we can be an artist that asks questions instead of answering them:

Seek Knowledge

The best way to ask better questions is by learning. Every time you learn something new, you should have more questions than answers. How does this information fit into your views? How can you reflect that in your art?

Become Curious

Curiosity should be the lifeblood of an artist Click To Tweet

Some artists choose to live in a bubble. They paint the same pictures. They do the same things. They stick to their guns. Don’t be that artist. Curiosity should be the lifeblood of an artist. What new ideas can you explore? Become curious and learn to ask why.

Explore the World

Go see what the world has to offer Click To Tweet

We live in a world where you are constantly connected. We can spend our entire life staring at the screens in front of us, or we can explore the world. Exploring the world makes you question how much you know. So go see what the world has to offer.

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