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Thom Fox on Life Changing Moments, the Importance of Strong Relationships, and The Value of a Startup Mentality – Cracking Creativity Episode 48

Thom Fox is a strategy consultant who helps companies with complex problems. He has created economic empowerment programs that have reached over 3 million people and has conducted 1,200 seminars, workshops and keynotes. But his story wasn’t always one filled with success.

Thom started off in a life of crime and with an addiction to angel dust. He broke into people’s homes and got arrested at the age of 14. It wasn’t until he was 19 years old that he realized he needed to make a change in his life. It was in that moment that clarity was brought into his life, and got him on the path towards success.

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Cracking Creativity Episode 14: Tyler Bel on Building Relationships, Being of Service, and Taking Action

Tyler Bel is the founder and vision director of There is No Sky. Through There is No Sky Tyler helps empower people and shows companies how they can enrich the world. In this episode Tyler breaks down what you need to do to build good relationships, how you should be of service to others, and why you need to take action.

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Cracking Creativity Episode 9: Crista Cloutier on The Working Artist, How to Build Relationships with Your Audience, and the Mindset Changes Necessary for Artists to Succeed

Crista Cloutier was a former art director at Segura Studio as well as the owner of her own art gallery. During her time there, she learned sales and how to build deep, lasting relationships with artists. She has now turned that knowledge into her own online art workshops as The Working Artist. In this episode, Crista shares an unbelievable amount of knowledge including how to build relationships with your audience, how she successfully funded her Indiegogo campaign, and the mindset changes necessary to succeed as an artist.

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