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Cracking Creativity Episode 14: Tyler Bel on Building Relationships, Being of Service, and Taking Action

Tyler Bel is the founder and vision director of There is No Sky. Through There is No Sky Tyler helps empower people and shows companies how they can enrich the world. In this episode Tyler breaks down what you need to do to build good relationships, how you should be of service to others, and why you need to take action.

  • always had the entrepreneurial spirit
  • discovered why certin people were successful
  • recognized some key things that set people apart
  • Balloon analogy
  • taking things to another level
  • strategy and mindset
  • difference between those who make it and those who don’t
  • we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with
  • she had a knack for connecting people

“I want to help empower people because I know how to do that.”

  • creatively matching the right people, resources and mindsets
    • taking a holistic approach to problems
  • she was creative growing up
    • she re-arranged her parents’ kitchen
    • helped organize friends’ rooms
  • realized later that she could do the same things with people
  • good at making things come together
  • noticed she could bring things together through human connections
  • was interested in connecting with like minded people nd finding people she wanted to connect with

“With social media, it’s a lot easier nowadays to reach some of the highest level people in the world.”

  • was invited by friend to a Ferrari/Masserati event of a billionaire
    • was introduced to the host through her friend, who didn’t know him
    • talked and connected with the billionaire through Twitter
    • was later invited to billionaire’s summer party, and invited her friend along

“It’s really when you break down the beliefs that these people are just out of your legue that you realize that they were once at your level.”

“I believe there are no limits, that there is no sky.” (Based on the phrase “The sky is the limit.”)

  • in high school, she wanted to create a bed and breakfast, but wanted someone else to run it
  • realized she hd ideas nd solutions to problems
    • while working for others she asked herself “Why can’t I work on my own?”
  • made connection with a film financier and entertainment attorney with one phone call
    • film financier later took her out to lunch and gave her a $50 bill because he was trying to make that connection for a long time, but was never able to do it
    • this started her on the journey she is on now

“Don’t just treat it as, what’s in it for me. What’s in it for them? What are they looking for?”

“If you’re asking the right questions, you can learn what they’re really needing and requiring to get to where they need to go.”

  • listening is key
  • ask yourself: “How can I be of service?”
  • she takes notes while talking to people and ideas come to her mind
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • using language to break down barriers of communication
    • break beliefs
    • she starts writing names/ideas/bubbles
    • takes paper and ask what’s required
    • What are the next action steps?
    • What will get them there fastest?
  • by breaking it down, you can create task oriented list
  • perpetual student of life and constantly asks why
    • also likes to ask how
  • instead of saying “I can’t” ask “How can I?”
  • people stop asking questions in life because of fear
  • irrational fear of the unknown
    • fear of success and a whole new world
  • What if we’re used to a stifling life?

“It comes down to fear of death because our time here, we know it’s limited, but why not make the best of it?”

  • if we try and fail, we can try again
    • failure becomes a game
  • Jia Jiang100 Days of Failure & asking for Olympic Rings at Krispy Kreme
  • when you take the meaning away, all you have is a situation without any emotion attached to it
  • likes to ask WHY and HOW
  • signature question, pretend Tyler has a fairy wand and can make any wish come true
    • asks “What would tomorrow be like? A miracle happened… your wildest dreams have come true. What does tomorrow look like?”
      • it shakes people up
      • often takes time to come up with an answer
      • she has asked this question outside of a business context and seen them switch industries

“Why are we living our lives like machines and robots?”

  • people feel stuck and unchangeable
  • things can and will change

“Are you living life the way you desire?”

  • network is your net worth
  • what we give is what we get

“It’s okay to ask for help.”

  • ask yourself “How do I go from here to there?”
  • Draw Your Future TED Talk
  • going from point A to point B
  • first you have to see it, then you act on it
  • The Secret – left out taking action
  • Are you taking action every day towards your goal?
  • Are you putting your thoughts and words into practice?
  • How bold are you?
  • Fortune favors the bold
  • consistently take action and surround yourself with people
  • breaking it down helps
  • What people do I need?
  • What do I need to know?
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad
    • get people with skills you need
    • know your weaknesses
    • get people who fill them in
  • architects things in her mind
  • likes to have people who can do spreadsheets
  • surround yourself with people who love what you can’t do
  • knowing your strengths is great, but know your weaknesses and fill them in
  • write down your weaknesses and create a team around them
    • connect and communicate
    • How willing are you to go outside of your network?
    • In network: ask questions
    • see what people are working on
    • ask friends if they know anyone who can help
    • What’s your comfort zone?
  • your team is the foundation, any missing piece can make it fall apart
  • keeping in touch
    • using social networks
    • Linked In – endorse people and they will see it
    • email – send message to keep relationship warm
    • check in – say hi and start a conversation
    • keep in mind why you are keeping in touch
  • contact people where they are most comfortable
    • ask people where they prefer to be contacted and have meetings/interactions
  • use time wisely, don’t be too available
    • she is a recovering nice-oholic
    • she got burned out
    • obligation vs. fun/joy
    • having to do something vs. wanting to do something saps your energy
  • future – she wants to create a platform to empower a lot of people
    • catalyst starts within
    • facilitators to teach people how to be aware and question things/take action
    • affecting people by amplifying

“People making differences in the world, people we look up to, didn’t say ‘I’m going to change the world.’ They just set an example.”

  • seeing people realize they can do things is powerful

“We’re not alone. We can work together. We are interconnected and we can make a difference.”

“We don’t know everything. We never will know everything.”

  • when we laugh, it increases productivity
  • Anna Godfrey – UI/UX interfaces
    • lives completely authentic
    • no fear of judgement
    • charismatic/magnetic
    • wears herself so well
    • effortless flow
  • On creativity:

“It’s that unique part of who you are, that makes you tick separately from anybody else and it spurs your attraction level and conversation and everything because people find it fascinating.”

  • On being creative:

“I find that when we tap into play,this play side of us, that child, and people say ‘I’m an adult.’ Screw it. Throw it out the window for a second.”

“What is something you would have done as a child?”

“Break it up.”

“When you break it up and you stop just being in your head, it really can spur on the most creative results to really help you get to that next level.”

“Just do something different.”

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