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Cracking Creativity Episode 2: Chris Krimitsos on his Podcast Story Jam Theatre and Storytelling

Chris Krimitsos is the mind behind the wonderful podcast Story Jam Theatre, which features stories about epic fails, aha moments, and life changing experiences told at live storytelling events. In this episode Chris talk about storytelling, the emotions of stories, and how every person has a story to tell. He also talks about how his Uncle Gus shaped his future by touting the importance of education and developing skills.

  • creating a community
  • Story Jam Theatre, everyone has a story to tell, meeting people, the emotions of story, the Moth as an influence
  • True Stories
  • the difficulty of finding moving/inspiring stories, the art of telling a story
  • great story tellers are emotionally invested in retelling and reliving a story in real time
  • Toastmasters, more like a performance than retelling of a story
  • The Voice – connecting with a song and the audience
  • tell stories in present tense, painting a picture, bring audience along for ride, ups and downs, emotion
  • first person story, stories are as long as they need to be
  • every story has a lesson
  • Broadway Bound  – How Marc Ensign made his way onto the Broadway show RENT
  • Be a Dick by Marc Ensign, Youtube talk
  • find interesting stories by meeting many people
  • story of friend who was Vietnam fighter pilot and near death experience through relationships
  • Landmark, vivid share, performing stories
  • artists who craft a story for their art vs those who don’t
  • common threads of his success: delivering value, build through quantity, Tampa Bay Business Owners facilitate collaborations among business people
  • Malcom Gladwell and connectors, being a hub
  • Ron Laker’s story from playing basketball at Xavier, and taking the shot
  • Terry Crews missing his shot for his high school basketball team
  • story of working for Uncle Gus, and the importance of education and developing skills
  • one person changing the trajectory of your life
  • Florida Podcasters Association and Florida Podfest
  • create a welcoming environment for everyone, foster collaboration
  • All Things Post from Neil Guilarte
  • common threads of successful podcasts at his meetups: positive mental attitude, integrity, and ability for growth, willing to have an abundance mindset
  • Jared Easley’s Podcast Movement
  • owning a niche, having a strategy, what is my audience looking for and how can you package it, need entertainment value
  • Invisiblia, Radio Lab, Serial and delivering entertaining content
  • Tim FerrissThe MothWTF with Marc MaronGilbert Godfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
  • the future of Story Jam Theatre
Creativity is when you allow your stream of consciousness to run wild, you don’t censor those ideas, determine which ideas to pursue and put them into action
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