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Cracking Creativity Episode 6: Jason Goughnour on Live Music Tutor, Bringing Your Ideas to Reality, and the Future of Online Learning

Jason Goughnour is the creator of the site Live Music Tutor which lets people learn to play instruments online. In this episode Jason talks about coming up with the idea for his site, building a team of people to make his idea come true, and tips for starting your own creative project.

  • live music website tutoring
  • started the website because he saw his brother trying to learn the keyboard from videos
  • keep trying until you find your solution
  • took a team of thirty to bring his vision of the site to reality
  • worked with a business partner to create platform for his site
  • bring on partner has led to introduction to people and a mentorship
  • always have to see what’s going on in the world around you (Flash vs HTML5)
  • find people who are inspired by the same motivations as you
  • met partner through mutual friend
  • versatile platform that lets you use multiple cameras
  • people love convenience and cost of site
  • tapped multiple sources to recruit instructors
  • every instructor vetted through background check
  • learning guitar through his own platform
  • guitar vs bass (strings and chords vs singular notes)
  • playing instruments since five years old
  • wants to  share music with the next generation
  • starting with music, but plans to expand to anything that can be taught
  • word of mouth as a powerful marketing tool
  • social media and getting out there
  • Henry ManciniMiles DavisJohn Coltrane as jazz influencers
  • James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Sister Sledge as bass influencers
  • music teaches discipline
  • be fearless
  • until you try it out, you don’t know
  • you won’t always have instant success, keep trying
  • you have to be open and on the look out for what helps your company at all times
  • Hope is not a Strategy by Ted Gee, preparation makes all the difference
  • we’re not all good at everything, find people who will compensate for your weaknesses
  • his roles testing website & onboarding for the company
  • the larger the platform became, the more he had to rely on people
  • Apple and controlling every element of user experience
  • the corporate world helping you with structure, organization, and leadership/management
  • meeting with workers only when necessary
  • be sure you’re willing to put everything into running a business
  • make sure you meet the right people, come up with a business plan, and find ways to raise money
  • find people that know what they’re doing  to teach you what you don’t know
  • the future of all education will be tied to the internet and video
  • making the platform a one stop shop for everything music related
  • the platform works as a classroom
  • if you have a creative idea, go for it.
  • music leading to creativity and clarity

“I think everybody has creativity and it comes down to having that passion and drive to make it happen.”

“The people we call creatives are the ones that snag an idea and turn it into reality.”

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