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Why Every Creative MUST Listen to The Unmistakable Creative

The Unmistakable Creative is just that: unmistakable. If you have not heard an episode of the show, stop reading this post and look through the archives. Listening to an episode of Unmistakable Creative is an absolute joy. I am not the only one who thinks so. At the moment, the show has over 550 five star reviews on iTunes and over 650 reviews overall.

Srini Rao, the host of the show, makes sure each episode is interesting and informative. He does not settle for the ordinary answers you hear from most podcast guests. He gets some of the world’s most interesting people to open up about topics they normally wouldn’t talk about.

In fact, without the Unmistakable Creative I might not have my own podcast. Srini showed me what is possible through the wonderful medium of podcasting. His thoughtful interviews are one of the main reasons I wanted to get into podcasting myself.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some reasons you must listen to the show:

Interesting Guests

Most business podcasts, feature the same people over and over again. They spout the same thing you’ve heard a thousand times. The conversations sound canned and repetitive. The guest is just going over their talking points like an actor talking about their upcoming movie.

Not so with the guests of the Unmistakable Creative. Srini does an incredible job of bringing on some of the most interesting guests around. These people may not be the most famous, but they sure are interesting. Each one has a unique perspective to bring to the table.

Srini started off the show as Blogcast FM where he interviewed people who were running successful blogs. Luckily for all of us, he did not stay in that space. He evolved and started finding people outside of the narrow realm of blogging. What he was really looking for was people who are unmistakable.

His guests range far and wide. They are not confined to just business owners and bloggers. They run the gamut from artists to educators to former bank robbers.

The best part is, the stories of his guests are all different, yet they have a familiar feel. It is the feeling of the wonderful, the awe-inspiring, the unmistakable.

The show is known for having some of the most interesting guests around. When you listen to the show it’s easy to tell why. It’s because of the profound questions and conversations. These questions open guests up and allow them to share their authentic stories.

Even when he has the occasional well-known guest, he gets them to open up in ways that they are unaccustomed to. He treats them like people, so the answers are often authentic and profound.

Forget About Tactics. Ask Profound Questions Instead

Many podcasts featuring business owners concentrate on tactics. “What did you do to accomplish that task?” “What tools do you use to run your campaigns?” “How often do you post?” Etc.

While many people think they need the answers to these questions, often times, they don’t help. There are probably multiple reasons for this. My guess is, we become too concerned with trying out that shiny new idea instead of learning the principles behind the idea. We can’t just jump from tactic to tactic hoping something will stick.  There are so many things we can try, but then we’re overwhelmed by all the things we’re “supposed” to do instead of just trying one thing and seeing if it works.

Needless to say, tactics can often do more harm than good. They can only take you so far. What we really need is something that kicks us in the butt. We need something that can teach us the overarching lessons of business and life. That is the reason I love the Unmistakable Creative.

Srini does an incredible job of probing his guests with thought provoking questions. He uncovers their pasts to find moments of truth and self-discovery. He is able to pull away details that are rarely heard elsewhere.

How does he do it? By listening to the guest and asking the right questions. Instead of having a pre-determined set of questions, or letting the guest dictate the conversation, he is able to guide their answers to moments of revelation. The most important part of engaging in a thoughtful conversation is listening to the other person, reflecting on what they said, then responding.

People should not be in such a hurry to get to the next question. Instead they should do more listening and reflecting. That is the key to creating magical conversations.

Going Deep and Getting Personal

Another thing I admire about his Srini is, he is not afraid to get deep and personal. Podcast hosts are often afraid to delve into the darker moments of someone’s life. They don’t want to step on any toes, so the questions end up being bland and stale.

Oftentimes these moments are where a person’s story really gets interesting. These are the moments where the human spirit is at it’s lowest point. They are also the moments people grow the most.

We cannot learn from others if we are not willing to see their failures. Success is not about a long list of accomplishments. It’s about what you do when you encounter failure.

People who recover from their failures, and learn from them, have much more to teach us than those who don’t talk about their failures at all. Everyone encounters failures, but few are willing to talk about them. Srini gives people the space and platform necessary to share these moments of fear, depression, and doubt.

It Inspires You to Take Action

Each episode of the Unmistakable Creative is filled with wonderful information. It doesn’t matter whether the guest is a New York Times Best Selling Author, a professor at Wharton, or a former bank robber. Their stories will inspire you to take action in your life.

Before listening to the Unmistakable Creative, I had no idea what a truly inspiring podcast could be. Most podcasts talk about tactics the guest used or information about the project the guest is working on. While this is helpful information, it’s not enough to hook me into listening to every podcast.

The Unmistakable Creative is different because it makes you want to listen to each episode. You don’t listen because you will learn about some great technique that can take you to the next level in business. You listen because it features moments of true inspiration.

The moment when all the chips are down. The moment when the guest has everything to lose, but continues on. These are the moments that we will all face, but are never prepared for. Listening to these moments, and the triumphs that come afterward, inspire me to continue on.

The Unmistakable Creative has not only inspired me to start my own podcast, it has also inspired me to continue on when things aren’t going as planned. Whenever I think about quitting, I reflect back on all the people on the Unmistakable Creative who didn’t give up. They chose to forge ahead.

If you are looking for a show to inspire you, you must listen to the Unmistakable Creative. It is one of the few podcasts that is consistently great. It will inspire you to do more with your projects and your life.

Different Perspectives on What it Means to be Unmistakable

One of the best things about podcasts is their ability to change your perspective. Many of us limit our interactions to those around us. For the longest time, I did too.

When you only expose yourself to those around you, your perspective is limited. Your world view is fixed and rarely changing. You believe what you believe, and leave it at that.

It wasn’t until I started listening to podcasts that I really opened up my perspective. This is especially true of the Unmistakable Creative.

The men and women who come onto the show are world changers. They are movers and shakers of the status quo. They provide a profound outlook on life and what it means to be unmistakable.

The best part is, no two answers are the same. Each guest has their own view on what makes something or someone unmistakable. They bring their own lens on life to the answer. Everyone has different experiences and influences as they go through life, so it makes sense to have a different view on what makes something unmistakable.

These answers have really opened up my eyes to what is unmistakable. They have caused me to reevaluate the possibilities of what I can achieve. We can all take a page from the Srini’s book and do something unmistakable in our own lives. Maybe then we’ll be on the show too.


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