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Why You Should Listen to The School of Greatness from Lewis Howes

Who inspires you?

That’s not a rhetorical question. I want you to think about it. If you can’t think of anyone who inspires you to accomplish great things, you need to start looking. You need people in your life who can help you get over the hump, people who light a fire under you.

For me, one of those inspiring people is Lewis Howes. If you are new to the online world of entrepreneurship you may not know his name, but he inspires thousands of people every day. Lewis has built a multi-million dollar business from scratch, he speaks around the world, and he has advised billion dollar brands.

It hasn’t always been this way. When he was younger Lewis played professional football, until injuries cut his career short. He found himself broken, living on his sister’s couch.

It was in that pivotal moment of life that Lewis decided to make a change. Instead of continuing to wallow in self-pity, he decided to embark on his next stage in life.

He learned about business, marketing, and adding value to influential people. He sought mentorship from those he admired. He began his own events teaching people about the power of LinkedIn. He mastered the art of webinars so he could reach a broader audience. He started his own podcast, The School of Greatness, and his own mastermind, the School of Greatness Academy.

Instead of giving up and settling for less, Lewis took control of his life. He pivoted when life was not going his way.

For those of you interested in Lewis Howe’s story, I can’t recommend his The School of Greatness Podcast enough. It is one of the few shows where I enjoy every episode I listen to. Below are some of the reasons to listen to the School of Greatness:

Conversational Style & Personal Connection

I am doing a podcast right now as well and can’t tell you how nice it is to have a conversational talk with someone. When listening to many podcasts,  guests sound like they are talking off of a script. Not so with the School of Greatness.

Lewis does an incredible job of making his guests feel comfortable when they are on his show. Many shows feel like sounding boards for the guests. The School of Greatness feels different. It sounds like they are having a genuine conversation instead of going over the normal talking points. It doesn’t feel like you are listening to a podcast. It feels likes you are a fly sitting on a wall listening to friends talk. These wonderful, casual, conversations have made me feel a personal connection with Lewis and his guests.

This is the pinnacle of the podcasting medium. Building a personal connection with your fans is why many people get into podcasting. When you build a strong personal connection with your fans, you become a valued and trusted source of knowledge. Lewis and the School of Greatness have definitely become that trusted source for me.

I have tried my best to have these types of conversations on my podcast, but it is hard to do when your guests are so well prepared. Everyone who talks about their work likes to have an agenda, but when you move beyond that agenda, you find the best conversation, and build stronger personal connections with your audience.

Wide Ranging Topics and Guests

Lewis has had some of the best guests you’ll ever find on a podcast. They range from best-selling authors to professional athletes, and everything in-between. Each one brings a unique perspective and amazing ideas to the table. Here is just a small sample of the guests he has had on the show:

New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin

In this episode, Gretchen talks about how habits affect our happiness, how to use your personality strengths to your advantage, and how all of small daily choices add up to our whole lives. It’s a great conversation that explores how habits can completely change your life and make you a happier person.

Founder of a media empire Arianna Huffington

In this episode, Arianna talks about her popular blog the Huffington Post, her wake up call from burnout, and the importance of positivity, sleep, and good relationships in life. It’s a wonderful behind the scenes look at one of the world’s most influential people.

Youtube fitness sensation Cassey Ho

In this episode Cassey talks about how she decided to go into fitness instead of becoming a doctor, creating a Youtube channel with over 2 million followers, and becoming a fashion designer. It’s a great lesson in how following your own passion can lead to success.

NFL linebacker AJ Hawk

In this episode AJ Hawk talks about what it’s like to play in the NFL, lessons he’s learned from his kids, and what he wants to do after his career in sports is over. It gives us an great look into what it’s like to be a professional athlete while still staying humble.

DJ for the NBA’s Miami Heat DJ Irie

In this episode DJ Irie talks about how went from DJing to impress a girl to becoming the official DJ for the Miami Heat and FIFA World Cup 2014. It is a great example of how a single small event can affect the whole course of your life.

As you can see, Lewis doesn’t interview just one type of person for his shows. His guests are all diverse and interesting. If you are looking for a show that explores greatness from every possible angle, this is definitely for you.

Athlete’s Perspective

This is one of the more interesting parts about the School of Greatness. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Lewis found success on the football field.  On the surface, these worlds may not seem compatible but, if you take a closer look, there are definitely similarities.

On the one hand, you have professional football players. These men make a living hitting each other. They use their strength and physicality for a singular object: to win.

On the other hand, you have entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs use their minds to come up with solutions. They are constantly strategizing and finding ways to stand out from the competition.

However, if you take a close look, you will find similarities:

  • Teamwork: This is probably the most apparent similarity between the two groups. Professional athletes and entrepreneurs MUST have a strong team around them to succeed.
  • Know Your Competition:  It is crucial for football players to know who they are playing against. What are their tendencies? What are their weaknesses? The same questions are true for entrepreneurs too.
  • Hustle:  Both groups must have the willingness to hustle to stay ahead. If either group stops hustling, they will be run over by the competition.
  • Constant Improvement:  If you don’t improve, you will not win. It’s as simple as that. With so much competition out there, you will not make it far without the willingness to improve.
  • Schedule and Discipline: A regimented schedule is extremely important in both groups. With a schedule, nothing is left to decision. This builds discipline and a sense of regularity into your life.

These are just a few of the similarities between professional athletes and entrepreneurs. Lewis has taken some of these lessons learned in football and used them to build his business. You will often hear him talk about the parallels between these worlds. This not only gives you a glimpse into the world of an athlete’s mind, it also shows that lessons can be learned from disciplines that appear to have nothing in common.

He is Humble & Shows Immense Gratitude

Lewis is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the world, yet he still is still incredibly humble. Many people who have become successful and make a lot of money tend to flaunt it , not so with Lewis.

If you just listened to Lewis talk, you wouldn’t know how successful he is. Instead of claiming to know all the answers, he approaches topics with a sense of genuine interest and curiosity. This attitude of openness is one of Lewis’s greatest strengths.

Another distinguishing feature Lewis displays throughout the School of Greatness is a sense of gratitude. The best way to stay humble is by constantly expressing gratitude. This is why he tells each guest how grateful he is to have them on the show.

Not only that, he also takes the time to ask each guest what they have been most grateful for recently. This display of gratitude is rarely seen among successful people, but it is something we should all adopt into our daily lives.

Lewis’s humble attitude and genuine display of gratitude make each episode of the School of Greatness easy to listen to. They don’t feel like lectures. They feel like someone is trying to help as many people as possible achieve their own dreams.


There are times during the day where you need something to pick you up. You’ve been bogged down by a long day of creating and you need something to lift your spirits. The School of Greatness is perfect for just this occasion.

Every time I hear the intro/outro music to the show, I am lifted right out of my funk. The intro music provides the perfect transition into the inspiring content to follow, and the outro music makes you want to put the ideas you just heard into action.

Not only that, but the content is just as inspiring. Lewis finds just the right touch to pull great wisdom from his guests. Each episode provides you with a wealth of valuable knowledge you can begin using immediately.

Whenever I listen to an episode, I can’t help but feel reinvigorated. As Lewis says, I want to “go out there and do something great.”


If you are stuck in life wondering what your next steps are, take a cue from Lewis Howes. He lives up to the promise of Greatness and you should too.

You can check out the School of Greatness here, or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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