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“The Earth without art is just eh.” Quote Art

“The Earth without art is just eh.”

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This is one of the most accurate descriptions of art I have ever seen.

Think of a society without art. This includes everything from drawing, to sculpting, to film making, and writing. What would life be like without these things?

When you finish a day’s worth of work, where do you turn? When you are free to enjoy an activity over the weekend, what do you do? Most likely to something that involves the arts.

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Art has the ability to transcend time and cultures. It has the ability to bring to people together. It has the ability to leave you in awe.

If you ask people to name the most famous people throughout history, many will turn to the arts. How many artists can you recognize without saying their full names? There’s Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Picasso to name a few, and those are just the painters.

These artists have stood the test of time because they have left an immense impact on the world. People resonate with their messages.

Their work can be understood without knowing anything about the artist or the time period they lived in. How many other occupations can say the same?

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